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Communication Systems & Emergency Service

How much would a day without phone calls cost your business? What is the cost for poor or delayed service? The answer is usually more than the price difference between a quality phone system and a cheap imitation. Buy purchasing a major brand you are ensuring that in the event of system failure, the parts will be available and the companies that produce it, will still be in business. There are numerous manufacturers that produce business telephone systems and most systems have similar features and functions. At Securicom, we combine all of the latest advanced technology into a well designed and fully integrated package. All programming is windows based and is compatible with the latest software versions, unlike cheaper brands which require their programming technicians to use outdated operating systems. Some of the most critical components of a phone system which is too often overlooked are flexibility and reliability. Some telephone system providers may have similar service, however Securicom's customer service has been top rated year after year. Brand name equipment is also part of the equation, while Securicom's premiere expertise earns the most satisfied customers for over thirty years. Contact us today at 212-653-0025 or email info@securi-com.org